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Monday, September 11, 2006

Graffiti Sunday

This time, they did get caught in the rain.

Next door to Java Script was a house which had once hosted an independent record store. The parking lot in back almost appeared to have once been the basement, having odd "room" areas next to the house. A high brick wall surrounded overgrown weeds pushing their way through old concrete.

They walked the path which led from the big front porch to the cafe's own lot when the rain had lightened to a drizzle.

The entrance to the abandoned lot was roped off. They stepped over it and paused to take in the graffiti. She felt, as always when she came here, like she was entering another realm, full of its own life.

Slowly, they walked toward the front of the lot. She had been experiencing a heightened sensuality recently; now, she was weak with anticipation.....

They reached a corner. A high wall separated them from Java Script. He used his body to push hers against it, pinching her nipples hard, silencing her with a kiss as she cried out.

"Quiet," he whispered hoarsely against her lips. Behind her, on the other side of the wall, she heard sounds of feet thumping the earth and voices as cafe patrons walked past.....She willed herself to be quiet, gasping as he lifted her skirt and slid his fingers inside her wet pussy. He laughed softly.

"Yeah, I know you like that," he mumbled.

This time, she didn't try to hold her orgasm back, but just when it was about to happen, he stopped. She collapsed against him as he unzipped his jeans.

"Touch me," he said, guiding her hand to his cock.

She gripped him, feeling the soft skin pulsing with heat. She licked her hand and brought it back down, gripping tightly and sliding up and down his rock-hard shaft. He groaned.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered. He lifted her leg and guided his cock into her, pushing himself all the way inside. He held her to the wall like that for a moment, a perfect moment, not moving.

The rain began to fall harder. "Kiss me," she pleaded.

He pinched her nipple again, and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out. Then, he kissed her deeply and began moving slowly and methodically inside her. Oh, God was it good.....Her eyes fluttered shut and she was aware of nothing but the feel of his cock.

"Mmmmmm," she purred. Her climax was very close already, but she tried to resist.

As though he had some sense of this, he moved a little faster. Pleasure filled her whole body as she forgot about holding back....

"I can't take it," she gasped, "Oh, please more.....ohhhh, I have to......please..."

He pinched her nipple hard and her orgasm exploded inside her, turning her inside out. She clung to him, losing herself completely and trying not to scream from ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah," he said in her ear, "yeah yeah yeah." She strained herself against his body as wave after wave made her legs quiver, feeling his arm hold her more firmly, steadying her.

When she was spent, she was glad for his strength and reveled in the feeling of being supported as she regained herself. Behind her she heard shoes scuffling along the path to the cafe through the sound of rain, which was falling hard now, cooling them off.

After a moment, her head cleared, and she looked up at him. His head was tilted back, eyes closed. She watched him like that until he dropped his face to hers.

A soon as their eyes met, she wanted him again. He answered her response by pressing his lips to hers firmly, stroking her nipple through her blouse with the back of his hand.

She sighed with abandon, feeling as though she were about to go down the first hill of a rollercoaster......


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