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Friday, January 05, 2007

Cock dreams

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I dreamed of Leo the other night, lying naked on a narrow twin bed covered in plain, scratchy white sheets, his cock hard and glistening, as though it had been oiled. I could feel it already, feel my hand sliding up the shaft easily, the skin soft and spongy. But I didn't actually touch it. And he didn't seem to notice me really. I guess that's because, when I see him out somewhere, I'm watching his face as he's talking or listening to someone else. That's how his face looked in the dream. Like he was involved in a conversation as he lay naked on top of scratchy white sheets.

It's the third dream in a month involving cock. I don't normally have dreams like that. Another dream involved my former lover, a beautiful man with chocolate-brown eyes, thinning black hair and a body which I couldn't keep from touching. With him I learned how to become satisfied; I went from not being able to orgasm to coming easily several times in succession. In the dream about him, I was kissing his beautiful ass with him standing naked.

Last week we saw each other intimately for the first time since April. In my bedroom I undressed him, and as I sat in the edge of the bed I sucked him. His cock was level with my mouth where I sat, pointed in my direction, and I caressed his ass and the back of his legs with my fingernails, taking my time, not wanting to make him come right off.....

I haven't been interested in sex for the last couple of months. Over the summer I crossed paths with a longtime crush and, well, got crushed in the process. The chemistry between us was primal and had all the promise of becoming the most simple of relationships, or so I thought. We didn't have sex right away and when we did it was humbling. He wasn't ready for me, but I held on to hope, or rather my whole self strained toward him, even when he was out of the country for a month. I thought if I just didn't cling or ask how he felt or where he'd been and so on, he'd eventually gravitate toward me, but it didn't happen. Ultimately he told me it would be a bad idea to care about him. It hurt me deeply. I don't want to open myself up by becoming intimate anymore and I'm not interested in emotional detatchment for the sake of sexual gratification. If I can't care for my lover, it kind of defeats the purpose.

I don't read much into dreams, but cock dreams make me wonder. I suppose they're just primal manifestations. I should be thankful for them, for I am safe in them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Graffiti Sunday

This time, they did get caught in the rain.

Next door to Java Script was a house which had once hosted an independent record store. The parking lot in back almost appeared to have once been the basement, having odd "room" areas next to the house. A high brick wall surrounded overgrown weeds pushing their way through old concrete.

They walked the path which led from the big front porch to the cafe's own lot when the rain had lightened to a drizzle.

The entrance to the abandoned lot was roped off. They stepped over it and paused to take in the graffiti. She felt, as always when she came here, like she was entering another realm, full of its own life.

Slowly, they walked toward the front of the lot. She had been experiencing a heightened sensuality recently; now, she was weak with anticipation.....

They reached a corner. A high wall separated them from Java Script. He used his body to push hers against it, pinching her nipples hard, silencing her with a kiss as she cried out.

"Quiet," he whispered hoarsely against her lips. Behind her, on the other side of the wall, she heard sounds of feet thumping the earth and voices as cafe patrons walked past.....She willed herself to be quiet, gasping as he lifted her skirt and slid his fingers inside her wet pussy. He laughed softly.

"Yeah, I know you like that," he mumbled.

This time, she didn't try to hold her orgasm back, but just when it was about to happen, he stopped. She collapsed against him as he unzipped his jeans.

"Touch me," he said, guiding her hand to his cock.

She gripped him, feeling the soft skin pulsing with heat. She licked her hand and brought it back down, gripping tightly and sliding up and down his rock-hard shaft. He groaned.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered. He lifted her leg and guided his cock into her, pushing himself all the way inside. He held her to the wall like that for a moment, a perfect moment, not moving.

The rain began to fall harder. "Kiss me," she pleaded.

He pinched her nipple again, and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from crying out. Then, he kissed her deeply and began moving slowly and methodically inside her. Oh, God was it good.....Her eyes fluttered shut and she was aware of nothing but the feel of his cock.

"Mmmmmm," she purred. Her climax was very close already, but she tried to resist.

As though he had some sense of this, he moved a little faster. Pleasure filled her whole body as she forgot about holding back....

"I can't take it," she gasped, "Oh, please more.....ohhhh, I have to......please..."

He pinched her nipple hard and her orgasm exploded inside her, turning her inside out. She clung to him, losing herself completely and trying not to scream from ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah," he said in her ear, "yeah yeah yeah." She strained herself against his body as wave after wave made her legs quiver, feeling his arm hold her more firmly, steadying her.

When she was spent, she was glad for his strength and reveled in the feeling of being supported as she regained herself. Behind her she heard shoes scuffling along the path to the cafe through the sound of rain, which was falling hard now, cooling them off.

After a moment, her head cleared, and she looked up at him. His head was tilted back, eyes closed. She watched him like that until he dropped his face to hers.

A soon as their eyes met, she wanted him again. He answered her response by pressing his lips to hers firmly, stroking her nipple through her blouse with the back of his hand.

She sighed with abandon, feeling as though she were about to go down the first hill of a rollercoaster......

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Continuing unconsomation

"Anyone want anything?"

Zag addresses us as he stands, pulling cash from his pocket and squinting down at it. He wears black as always. A cigarette dangles casually from his lips.

"Here," Chloe says, handing Zag some wadded-up bills. "Will you get me one of those pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips?" She settles back down in her chair. "You're the best," she says, smiling cheekily as she drags on her cigarette. Zag disappears inside Java Script.

I don't smoke; this puts me in the minority around here. The average smoker used to smoke about three packs a day, according to my own personal survey. They seem to have collectively cut down to one a day in the past year, however. I'm not sure if this is due to the rising cost of cigarettes and gas, or just cigarettes, or if people just feel like they suddenly can't breathe as well.

I see him approaching. Leo. My infatuation, crush, whatever, wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, and the engineer hat. He's tall, maybe six three or taller with an angular build. Light brown hair which is probably considered red by some and which grows into a natural pompadour. Some facial hair, but not full-on. Blue eyes. And chest hair I can always see peeking out from the neck of his shirt.

"What's up, guys," he says, more a statement than a question. He tears open a pack of cigarettes and pops one in his mouth, tossing the pack on the table.

Zag returns. "Hey, man," he says to Leo, slapping him on the back. Leo lights the cigarette and drags deeply, nodding. Zag sits.

"They don't have any more of your muffin," he says to Chloe, "and I didn't know what other ones you like, so I didn't get you one." He hands over her crumpled money. "Sorry."

"Awww...," she pouts. "That's my favorite." She sighs dramatically, standing. "I guess I'll go in and see what else they have," she singsongs, heading toward the door.

"Hey, wait," Leo says, reaching into his pocket. Chloe stops short, as though she's in a hurry to go inside. "Will you get me just a coffee? Medium," he says, beating her to the question. "Thanks."

"Good thinking," says Zag when Chloe is gone. "There's a long freakin' line in there now, dude."

Leo glances over his shoulder toward the shop. "Damn."

All of the chairs around the table are taken. Leo drags one from another table. Zag and the others make room.

"Hello, Ruby," he says with a grin as he takes his seat. "How are you?"

I nod. "Pretty good, thanks" I answer. "How about you?"

His head bobs, grin in place, shifting his eyes down, then back to mine. "I'm all right."

I watch him unobtrusively ( I hope ) as others engage him in conversation, trying to justify a potential move. First of all, I hardly ever see him alone. Second, he might not be even remotely attracted to me. A whole lotta stuff keeps me from telling this guy I want him. Fear of rejection and all that.

I see also that a relationship is impossible. I'm not relationship material at this time. I have a habit of creating scenerios in my head with people I'm attracted to, then expecting things to happen that way which of course they never do. I'm trying to change patterns for the greater good.

As I mentioned, I don't want to mess up a friendship. However, the primal undercurrent is undeniable to me.

Perhaps we will pass like ships....

"Whacha thinkin' over there, Ruby?" says Zag. "You're awful damn quiet."

I smile automatically and look at his eyes. A lock of blond hair falls forward so only one is visible. Eye, that is. I point to my head.

"I can't explain in seven words or less," I answer. "Sorry."

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Maybe like this

It was a short walk to his apartment, just a few blocks. The air was clean and cool from a brief rainshower which had ended moments before they left Java Script. The sky cleared somewhat to reveal moments of sunlight as they walked, but now threatened to downpour again. He looked up to the sky.

"Check out that cloud," he said with some awe. She looked up. There was, indeed, a heavy black cloud rolling across the sky. "I hope we make it before the sky opens up." he went on.

It hadn't occurred to her to be concerned. She shrugged. "We'll just get wet," she said.

He continued to glance upward. "Yeah...." he said absently. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

She tried to think clearly, but her mind was crowded with images of hot, unbridled passion and a lot of hair-grabbing. She wanted to see him naked, knew he had more going on under the jeans and T-shirt than some Hollywood movie actor.

She'd seen him three or four times since the day he'd first expressed any interest in her; either he was with people or she was. They always smiled and said hello and when they connected eyes, she always blushed, hoping desperately that nobody noticed.

Today, finally, she ran into him when they were both by themselves. She'd been sitting under the canopy at one of the small tables reading the screenplay to "Raising Arizona" when he approached her.Their eyes met. Thunder rolled across the sky, followed by the sound of light rain on leaves.

"Good movie." He indicated to her book as he sat across from her.

"I've never seen it," she said, "but it's been fun to read." She closed the book and placed it on the table. She looked at him; he wasn't wearing a hat today.

They carried a conversation with some difficulty for her. She'd thought of him often, and when she had she didn't think of merely chatting....Sitting across from him now felt almost like a waking dream. She should be able to have her way with him under the table right now, shouldn't she, after the agony of all that waiting?

"I've got it at my place," he was saying. "We can go watch it, if you're not doing anything."

"What?" she asked. Good job, she thought. He laughed, pointing to the book.

"Raising Arizona," he said. "You said you've never seen it." He'd seemed amused.

She blushed. "Right," she'd said, glancing out toward the street. A couple were shaking drops of rain from their umbrella as they walked past.

Now, as they walked to his place, the air was chilled.

"Tornado weather," he remarked, looking up again. "Here," he said, turning up a walkway which led to a square, Southern-style house.

She followed him up the steps to a wide front porch strewn with a motley selection of chairs and a large, old wooden box turned upside-down, serving as a table. As he unlocked the door she studied the things on the box/table; several Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, a large ceramic ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts, a coffee mug with "Jesus Loves Me" printed on it, and a worn copy of "The Catcher in the Rye".

He pushed the door. It swung open with a creak. He gestured gallantly with his arm for her to enter first.

The apartment was dark. He closed the door, walked over to a large window and pulled the curtains open. She stood in the front hallway, looking around at the simple, sparsely furnished place. A futon was against one wall; in front of it, a woven rug covered an area of the wood floor. Another old wooden box was the coffee table, the word "APPLES" in weathered letters on the side.

He was beside her then, asking if she would like a glass of water. She felt the heat of his body and gave up.

"I'd like to see what you look like under there," she said.

For a moment he didn't respond; he looked at her as though he hadn't heard what she said, or heard it wrong. A long moment. She bit her lip. Fuck, she thought.

Then his face broke into a grin. He gave a little shrug. "Well," he said, "all right."

He peeled off the T-shirt and tossed it over his shoulder in one fluid movement. He stood watching her face. She stared; she could already taste his skin, feel her teeth sinking into it. "All of it," she urged.

He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and eased them off. He wore nothing underneath. She forgot her name.

"Come over here," he said softly, reaching one muscled arm out to take her hand and pull her to the futon. "Sit," he said.

She did, feeling giddy. "Whatever you want," she said.

He got to his knees before her and slid his hands from her ankles to her hips, pushing her skirt up. He moved the thong panties aside and slid two fingers inside her. She cried out, arching her back. He kept his hand there and moved so his face was close to hers. "I've so wanted to get you off," he said as she strained her body. "Every time I see you I want to make you crazy." He massaged the inside of her wet pussy with his fingers.

She reached for his hair with both hands and pressed her mouth to his. "It'll happen in a minute if you keep doing that," she said, moaning as he bit he lower lip. She tried to shut her responses down so her orgasm wouldn't happen so quickly, and he seemed to sense it; his movements became agonizingly, tantalizingly slow. His lips were on hers without actually kissing her. He watched her response closely, then changed the movement of his fingers slightly.

He had her. She gave up, gave herself over, couldn't stop it from happening....the orgasm slammed her like a tidal wave. "Ohhhh, GOD!" she yelled, clutching his neck as her body shook uncontrollably. He kissed her deeply then, making it go on even longer.....

When it finally ended, she was weak. He sat next to her and allowed her to catch her breath. She looked at him and smiled, still gasping a little.

"Wow," she breathed," wow...."

He stroked the inside of her thigh, grinning.

"Got any more in there?" he asked.

She was hot again. God, she wanted to eat him....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

You are here

Friday morning at Java Script is balmy. At 8:45 AM, the energy is still a little sleepy. Or maybe I'm the sleepy one and so that's how it all looks to me.

I sit outside on the big porch with a copy of The Bell Jar, which I'm not really reading. There seems to be so much to take in; the trees, the sound of light wind in their leaves, the birds hopping around from table to table pecking at crumbs of food, people walking in and out the door of the cafe. I keep looking for someone I know who I might connect with. This may be a bad habit, as it keeps me from concentrating on my book.

I'm a morning person. It's weird; even if I haven't slept well or enough, I still get up and come here almost as soon as the sky is fully lit, 'cause I feel like I'll miss something if I stay in bed. I come here because I know I won't be able to fall back to sleep and don't want to do anything like clean the fridge. Besides, I can't think of any place else to go. I can interact here but don't have to be fully awake.

There's a group of people I hang with here sometimes. I've been coming here long enough to be able to do that. I guess that sounds weird, so I'll try to explain a little...... Basically, I've always been a recluse. I don't know how to make friends. Acquaintences, yes, and I finally got that there is a difference between the two. So I guess that's what these people are to me; acquaintences. At this point, I can go over and join them and be part of the "group", and that's cool. I realized several months ago, after thinking seriously of killing myself, that social interaction is important. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's not that deep.

Anyway, most of these people are night people. I can safely assume they are sleeping off their hangovers right now. Quite possibly, I can come back here at five o'clock and encounter a few of them as they eat the popular hangover breakfast of hash browns loaded with cheese and sour cream with a healthy amount of grease.

There's one guy in particular who I feel a pretty strong attraction to. It's possible he's got some idea of this, though I haven't said anything to him about it. There are reasons for this, but I'll get into it some other time. One reason is that I've got a pretty obsessive personality. Another is that I want to form friendships. If you've ever dealt with these kind of issues, you know what I mean and where I'm going with this, with not wanting to be hasty.

We do seem to be developing a friendship, too. And the more I talk with him, the more I want to touch him, something I didn't expect at all. This matters to me more than trying to get my hook-up on.

Still, I can fantasize....

I close my book, since I've been reading the same paragraph over and over and couldn't tell you what it says. I lean back, turning my face to the sun as a bird lands on the table and cocks it's head quirkily, clearly having designs on the muffin crumbs in front of me. It hops closer tentatively and hesitates.

"Go ahead," I say, "have at it."

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lustful Beginnings

She was hot for him, even though he smoked cigarettes. She considered, as they chatted at the coffee shop, making an exception to her rule of not getting it on with a smoker.

After a while, she got up to leave. He remained seated.

"Goin' home?" he asked.

"Yep," she said, hesitating by his chair.He wore a hat, engineer-style. He peered up at her from under the brim.

"Well," he began, jiggling his leg a little. She waited. He gave a quick glance around.

"Well," he said again, dropping his voice so only she could hear, "you look too good to be going home alone."

She smiled. A hot flush spread through her.

He watched the response, a smile playing on his lips.

"You're blushing," he murmured.

"Yeah," she sighed, "I know." She looked down at the table, trying to figure out what to say or do next.

He uncrossed his legs and sat forward in the chair, looking up at her. She looked back and wished they were not in public.

He reached out and rested his hand on her bare leg, just below the knee, then looked back up at her face.

She returned his gaze. Her whole body felt warmed, as though she were standing by fire.

"Thank you," she whispered.

"For what?" he asked, not moving his hand.

"For this," she said.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Lazy times and random conversations over coffee in a favorite coffeehouse, preferably by day, and preferably when there's a fair amount of eye candy....Is it me, or is coffee an aphrodisiac?

There's one way to find out. Stay with me....